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A family of builders
Around the turn of the 20th century, it was Reine Construction Corp. owner Brian Reine's great-grandfather, George E. Reine Sr., who was instrumental in bringing commerce to Mandeville by establishing a harbor and the George E. Reine Sawmill. He brought the first A&P Grocery to St. Tammany Parish as its owner and operator.
In 1912, George E. Reine Sr. was elected a Mandeville councilman. He was a land developer and yachtsman known for his many sailing trophies. He was active in the New Orleans Cotton Exchange and New Orleans Carnival balls.
Since George E. Reine Sr. started the company, quality construction and well-design custom homes and structures have been a key factor in the success of Reine Construction.
George E. Reine Sr.
George E. Reine Sr.

The 1950s
Brian's grandfather, George Reine Jr., began developing affordable residential communities during the building boom after World War II was over in the 1950s. He was a pioneer in the marketplace when home prices still were in the $11,000 range. George Reine Jr. not only became a trailblazer in the community, but he carved out a continuing path for his family.
He was the owner and operator of the original Reine Construction Corporation, Ozone Realty, Builders Center of Slidell Hardware and Lumber Company. He was responsible for the development of many residential communities and the contractor of record for numerous office and public buildings. Among his many civic efforts, he was a board member of the Slidell City Planning Commission and received a number of community awards.
George E. Reine Sr.
George Reine Jr.

The 1960s
By the late 1960s, Brian's father, Ronald Reine, branched out like his father before him under the name of Omni Construction. Omni added to the family resume the task of general contracting for various governmental agencies in the Virgin Islands, Florida, Louisiana and Mississippi. Disaster cleanup management came into the lexicon of the family business.
Multiple communities, like the City of Slidell, chose to award contracts to Ronald to come to their aid and perform the necessary cleanup required after natural disasters like hurricanes. In fact, Omni held community contracts in South Florida in 2004 when Hurricane Charley made its force felt and worked with more than 600 subcontractors to perform the massive task required. Of course, Ronald continued to develop communities and build residential properties in St. Tammany Parish throughout his career.
George E. Reine Sr.
Ronald Reine

A fourth generation builder, Brian Reine grew up working in his father's company. He developed his first community (Laurel Hills in Memphis, Tenn.) at age 24, when his father simply and wisely put him in charge of it. It's unquestionable Brian took to being thrown into the deep end gracefully. He not only developed the land, but he sold it out in record time. Brian was developing even before he went to college at LSU to study Construction Management. In reality, Brian already had received a master's course in construction from a long line of family craftsmen and businessmen.
Today, Brian operates Omni's disaster management business and is a custom home developer and builder with a name and reputation of his own. Well-known neighborhoods like Stonebridge, Chanticleer and Tuscany in Slidell represent a few of his efforts to date. Perhaps it's only fitting Brian has chosen to assume the same name his grandfather originally used for his homebuilding business, Reine Construction Corp., because Brian is a product of the tutelage, expertise and experience of his family tree.
George E. Reine Sr.
Brian Reine

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